Saturday, February 26, 2005

Digital Beat Music legal music downloads

Digital Beat Music Weedfiles

Digital Beat Music starts as an ICP.


I became a legal ICP (Internet Content Provider) I have legal rights to release music under SML (Shared Media Lisence). My sublabel in Digital Beat Music for digital music is simply Digital Beat Music weedfiles.


Download latest albums and separate music files from Digital Beat Music weedfiles.

What is a weedfile?

Weedshare and WMA music info

Weedfiles are Windows Media Audio (WMA) music files with Digital rights management protection (DRM). You can listen each track three times before it will be locked. To unlock the track you want to purchase you must use a specific weedshare software. If you are a new user you will get $5 for free. So actually you can buy any music on this site for free when you are a new weedshare customer!


Downloading complete albums and separate music files

You can download the complete albums in ZIP format. You'll need winzip (PC) or stuffit (MAC) to unpack these files. Download and install the weed software and purchase weedfiles.
To download separate files just save target as (pc).

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