Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finnlux Tuna tracks in a DVD movie this september

3 music tracks into international Tuning Car movie DVD release

Finnlux Tuna tracks "Bathroom", "Electronichan" and "Futurtablism" on High Octane Detonate DVD will be released in september 2005. The release is distributed by Sony Home Entertainment in 8 countries across Europe.
The music of Finnlux Tuna itself will get a massive audience. Of course the credits are given for the composer "Kimmo Rinta-Pollari" and the artist "Finnlux Tuna" and of course the track titles will be shown in the ending credits as well.

DVD Info
Running time 94min + Extra Features
Approximate rating (M)

Performance car enthusiast, Ketzal Sterling embarks on an epical journey around the globe. He is in search of the world's most extreme road cars and will put them to the test. From 500kph Top Fuel drag cars to 750hp tire tearing Corollas, Ketzal takes you on a journey deep into the cult of extreme underground performance car modifying. However, upon reaching Norway his actions take him down a dangerous path. The whole production turns to chaos when he unknowingly intercepts a top secret envelope, stolen from the ancient cult of the Illuminati.

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Distribution by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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