Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cristian Paduraru - Bold To Sacrifice remix and mixset release 4.12.2006

Release date 4.12.2006

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1. Cristian Paduraru - Bold To Sacrifice - Digital Beat remix
2. Cristian Paduraru - He Knows His Creation
3. Cristian Paduraru - Where Do I Fit?
4. Cristian Paduraru - Born Again
5. Cristian Paduraru - The Wind Of Change

Total time: 36:42

notes for remix:

This is Digital Beat from Finland with big greetings!

Electronic music project that started already in early 90's.
Inluenced by many kind of electronic (also other music as metal and classical)
music such as The Prodigy, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Josh
Wink and of course dance tracks and rave music of 90's.
Digital Beat is main project and there's also some
side projects with different styles:
Finnlux Tuna, Doom Tech, Compunoir and Astaroth.

About Cristian Paduraru's tech tracks:
This is fresh yet minimalistic tech house what
I've heard for a long time. Cristians tracks are
solid and punchy with good structure.

I really enjoyed making a remix from Cristian's track
"Bold To Sacrifice" which is the opening track in
the mixset I have put together.
This remix and mixset I have produced with Reason 2.5
Cool Edit 2 and Wavelab.

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