Monday, January 29, 2007

Timbaland sucks

This hip hop producer Timbaland rips finnish demoscene song made by Tempest / Damage in 2000. The original song was #1 at oldchool demoscene compo.
'Oldskool Music Compo', a competition means that music is composed with old home computers like Atari ST, Amiga, c64, ZX-Spectrum and such.

Big music industry sucks like a leach from talented small producers with real passion for music with some original and real talent. I have to say I'm really angry and feel sorry for this guy Janne Suni. I'm sure the truth out there will someday put the unethical producers and big corrupted record labels into shame.

The original mp3 song can be found here:

mp3 link

Original MOD music file:
MOD file page

New mirror:
mp3 track at Digital Beat Music


There's no time limit you can sample anyone's song without permission. Taking any length of piece from another producer's song is sampling. There's copyright law that should protect the artist but in real world it does not seem to work as it should.

All I can do is share this piece of ripped song by Timbaland. The record company is Geffen. They are really corrupted because of the lust for making ca$h with music. I believe it's impossible to fight this kind of big companies with several skilled lawyers. Also it would take long time to get a complaintment through the law system in USA.
I think it does not take very much of talent to mix several samples from various sources to make a new song.
I have done it also just for fun but not for a commercial release which is the case here. The song sounds like it's exactly in the same tempo. Only difference is that there's a beat and some basses on the top.
Please share this link if you want. In the name of justice for real music makers.

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