Sunday, May 20, 2007

Myspace page hacked by Penis Enlargement ? (adult material)

How is it possible that someone or somebot hacked my my fricking space page and is spamming penis enlargement spam all over my friend list? This is true. Myspace is a huge community but this does not ensure the maximum security. Before my account was hacked I did got some warning messages like "who is pying your profile?". These kind of 3rd party myspace "add ons" surely won't work if you live outside USA.

Following is not a comment done by me but a hacker who had cracked into my account. This is small because I get ton of viagra/cialis spam into my e-mail every day. However this is a serious issue for the company that runs myspace.

About the penis issue. I don't think it's the matter of size. It's about how long you can do something with it. No one needs 24 hrs hard on or a baseball bat sized penis?

Digital Beat's Comment:

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