Friday, June 01, 2007

The best and the worst The Prodigy remixes?

I´m a big The Prodigy fan. I´ve listened all tracks many times and enjoy also playing tracks on my live dj sets. However some of the latest tracks are not that good on the new album "Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned".
They sound more like softsynth produced than older tracks. That´s only natural because Liam made tracks using Reason.
Ok, the remixes from different classic The Prodigy tracks are been made very much in different styles. One of the best remixes is Pendulum remix from Voodoo People. It gives the track some modern edge and new style and still keeps the original idea strong.
There´s also very bad remixes which flattens the original track into some smegma. For example iDrake remix from No Good sounds very flat. Does this remixer make music that should be listened with ipod referring to the name? Only samples that are good are the breakbeat samples. The sounds are so flat and the remix does not do justice for original. This is just my personal opinion but some producers should give out the final track for professional to master. Perhaps this is just a producing aspect? I still think that every track should explode when you hear it and not sound like a dental floss version of the original which had the edge on sounds. Also doubling the track speed loses some depth and dynamics of the original.

Please listen yourself:


iDrake remix:

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