Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Music store by Snocap

This new music store which can be embedded to any (almost) website is provided
by Snocap music store. At Snocap any artist can create their own musi store.
However this service is brought to me by because they have a distribution
deal with Snocap. So I don´t have to worry about album setup. After all uploading all tracks from four albums which I have released would be quite time consuming task.

You can alsoo share this "mini music store" with your friends and fans by clicking "spread the word". It gives you options to copy the code to website or blog. Even e-mails should handle it if it´s html. Please note. I noticed that there is a minor bug in the code. It misses the closing tag.
You should include < / embed > code at the end.
(remove spaces)

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