Monday, September 10, 2007

Starting small music biz in second life - Beat Box Store

I rented a small store when I put first Music store in second life. I thought it was easy to promote music in second life. It seemed that it was not that easy. I tried to hangout with some djs and yet managed to get some friends of them. First dj stuff were sold but I never made some real friends out of dj group I´ve met at Sisu island. After all the sim is now sold to other owner at Sisu.

The second Beat Box Store is locate at Paradise Island near the 4Ever club.
I´ve only sold one DJ Pult with a dj animation on that shop. So let´s call that a start. There´s also a big music production station for sale.

The third and current store and the club "Bedlam" can be found at Danger Island.

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