Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Serj Tankian - my kind of artist!

I just ordered Serj Tankian´s debut solo album - "Elect The Dead". I really liked him singing also in System Of A Down album Mezmerize. Which I think is a very intensive and interesting album with so many moods and styles changing and blending all the time. However songs are making same pattern of singing style. There´s angry style of moods and light style of moods and some funny little sing sung parts too. Who can say this music is not funny. It´s so damn intelligent and dark kind of funny at the same time. If this music would be a movie genre it would be a dark comedy. There Serj Tankian would be some head character with lines coming out from his mouth like a brimstone from hell.

"Elect The Dead" however is like the style of System Of a Down but more with personal approach. Of course it is because it´s a solo album. The tracks are perhaps not that violent sounding than in S.O.A.D. albums. Songs are very political and protests against war (mostly USA acts of war), anti depression pills and about miserable human life. It´s all sung from the heart and very pleasurable to listen.
For example one of these sad songs are "Saving Us".
The video is also at

There´s also a good self irony in a video made by Serj at where Serj acts many roles as an interviewing journalist, A&R of record label, studio technician etc.
Of course himself too. It´s all very funny.

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