Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roland TB-303 bassline modifications and brief acid music history

The original TB-303

The classic and a cult music device of electronic music is still the Roland TB-303 Bassline.
At time it was very good for creating basic basslines to support band that didn´t had a basist
but some DJ´s realised to go bit further by modifying the resonance and frequency and voila charasteristic "squelch" sound of acid house was born somewhere in mid 80´s in Chicago USA.

Nowadays there are various mods which are modified TB-303 bassline devices. In it´s time the functionality was rather limited for creating basslines within´ certain frequency area. With the modifications it is possible to go beyond these frequency restrictions and more.

Devil Fish modification of TB-303

In my opinion there´s cheap looking buttons in this modification.
The modification prices are in australian dollars in this kangaroo mod of TB-303.

The sound: It is said that the deep bass sounds can go even much lower with devilfish than with original teebee.

The looks. It looks like the same old teebee but with Devil Fish text and some new red plastic buttons and cheap looking switches. Here´s how it looks:

However I also found that there are some other Devil Fish mods with better cases with different colors.
Take a look of these monsters:
Looks much better than the original, huh? Feeling the acid?

When you compare them you can instantly see the quality of the parts in case and buttons.
What comes to website looks the better looking site also makes better mod.

The Be(a)st modification?


"To enlarge upon (rather than abuse) the iconic machine, with an emphasis on musicality as opposed to novelty, and to create a hybrid of new and old,
with a production finish."

The case looks really good with good knobs.

"The reason why" comes up when reading the parts details further:
New function knobs use genuine/original Roland parts (harvested from other machines)

Also a minor downside is that they may have to "abuse" other Roland machines to get the original Roland knobs.

Other interests of acid

Typical sound of acid bassline (Example made with Karma FX vst plugin /303like 10 basic patch)


TB-303 modifications with different colors

teebee rack clone Syntekno:

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