Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Second Life Music promotion

Hello dear blog readers!

This time I have more geeky promoting idea for music in the Internet.
I have quite good yet very basic idea of promoting artists in my location in Second Life.

The more artists means the more listeners. I have seen this working also at . Usually a diversity of music and different artists should drive more listeners to any site/place/forum/virtual reality.

How does it work?

For example I have a music store at Second Life. I put a notecard giver or a url giver script into a virtual object - for example a info wall object with an opening script for artist page or just any page eg.

I have similar url scripts opening my album objects into itunes, myspace etc.

This is nothing new but bit more interesting than just going on a forum on the Internet.

How the Slurl works?

In Second Life the urls are bit different because them are 3d-location coordinates "in world" rather than ip-adresses. This may sound bit geeky but the teleportation system works that way that it moves your avatar into right position in SL. Teleporation needs the right coordinates which is simply called a landmark LM or a SLURL which stands for second life url.
Have a look of the popup window at sl:

You can create and have your own SLURL if you have your own place at second life at

Please have a visit our place at:

Here´s how my avatar looks now:

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