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Internet Scams - 99,9% are not real. Read the truth here. Get a real job!

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Often you may bumb into these spam e-mails or internet banners and ads that say "work at home", "quit your dayjob" or even "fire your boss and get rich at home".
You may also meet some people who are trying to recruit and manipulate you to join into a "network". They may be even your friends. Never believe because they may have totally been brainwashed.

99,9% of these programs are made by some bunch of lazy people who have got enough computer skills to get a webhosting and are able to use Microsoft Frontpage. People who run the sites not always have to know anything about HTML. This makes it even easier for "not computer savvy people" because most of scam sites are transferrable. This means it is possible to copy the ready HTML code in order to put up a similar but a duplicate scam site. Of course with your personal signature to quarantee something like get rich by reading e-mails, typing data forms, assembling toys at home.

In personal experience none 0% of these internet "getting rich quick" schemes are working for real. Perhaps even worse are online/offline chain letters where online part takes action when someone mails put your name on this letter and send it to next one with 10 $ enclosed. In my studying time I was desperate (and stupid) to try this kind of scam. I dreamed a bag of money soon filling up. Of course nothing happened and I lost my 10$. Of course this is peanuts but I have heard people lost even bigger money.

There is also called pyramid scheme. Same type of scam is used by bigger pyramid schemes like "Golden products" where people buy some starter product package with expensive price. Then these people who are joined "the pyramid network" sell the products to their friends and colleagues in order to get some tiny little profit. Do the maths yourself and ask yourself a question, "Is it worth it?". For example buying a product package with 100$ or 80 € which real value is perhaps 50% of that.
In late 90´s around 95-97 there was a boom of pyramid scheme marketing also in Finland. The times were good for the takers because there was big money crisis in early 90´s. Many people lost their monies to banks and companies fell down.
Typical and desperate people who joined these pyramid scams were people who had millions of dept.

Only network I know and perhaps you know too is the "Tupperware" product range where people commonly women gather in someones home to sell food containers and kitchen stuff. But that was actually born before Internet.

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Busted site!

I found this through some typical ad on the Internet. By surfing and searching some topics and discussions I found out that this was really a scam too. Do not believe what they say here
because it´s all filthy lie! Just to recruit new victims to give their money.
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Not very good info at all. There´s no qualification and several complaints too.

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