Monday, June 16, 2008

What happened to electronic music? Egocentric DJs go home!

I was a young man when the Rave music came to Finland. We went to raves or made our own raves too. So this blog writing is bit of a nostalgic journey from the past to today.

In the raves you could be yourself and wear funny clothes without someone staring at you. The DJ at the parties was only there to play good music not exactly to be a egocentric superstar that everyone admired. DJs main thing was to make people dance and have fun. Also the music that was played was surely enough underground and kind of music you did not hear in other so called mainstream places (pubs).

For example my favorite rave parties was "Time Tunnel" raves where I was raving with my friends at 5 o´clock on the morning fueled with only bottle water and some cigarettes. So no drugs and raves. I still bumped into that attitude few years back with someone saying that I should know drugs since I produce electronic music. I have only smoked tobacco and drinked alcohol that´s all. So no drugs.

Nowadays the scene has grown into wrong direction because of DJ worship phenomena. I think that "mega DJs" sell more "concerts" than ever because the foreign DJ mags : DGMag etc. are constantly hyping up these so called DJ charts. The charts are only stupid fan base driven lists which are only for marketing DJ popularity. In my opinion these lists have nothing to do with so called good electronic music. The main purpose of lists are only to display who is the best DJ in the world and who is not.

In my opinion DJ Tiesto´s music is crap. His music and mainly him is celebrated by brainless idiots who don´t know anything about good music. Marketing and hype works like a brainwash for these poor people who don´t have a developed musical mind or analytic attitude for music. My opinion has nothing to do that I would envy this person but everything to do with reflecting my opinion. The scene has turned off from celebrating the music onto celebrating the person who plays the music. DJ is just a record player? He is not a God? Isn´t he? So stop banging fists on the front of the mega hyper dj you stupid idiots and concentrate your body and feel the music! Is the DJ only reason why you came and not the music? Stop celebrating someones ego and go to some real music concert where bands are playing with real instruments!

I believe that people who follow the mass do not know shit about real electronic music.
For example is dutch trance music real electronic music? I think that mass produced shit called trance from that country is not. Is eardrums destroying HC Gabber or dutch hardcore electronic music? Well I think it´s much more closer to the original techno than any mass produced shit ASOT (A State Of Trance) compilation. (Sorry Ferry Corsten :D Real electronic music: Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Funker Vogt, Vangelis, The Prodigy, Covenant (swe) or Nin. Well Nin is not that much electronic than before. You can call it electronic industrial rock if you like. That´s real music with no "buy me" label attached.

Who killed the trance?

Actually ASOT and Ferry Corsten did not killed trance. The real killer of so called "original trance music" was Ministry Of Sound that produces also this kind of commercial mass compilations of crappy "trance" music for stupid masses. This certainly has got the "buy me" label attached. Perhaps it was meant to be because they want to sell it as much as possible. So it is for consumers of music but definitely for not people who have a good taste in music. (IMHO)
Well, is it trance? That´s not even close to trance. That´s called commercial crap which thinks it´s trance. Or the people who produce tracks for this label like to produce commercial shit music.

Rave is dead?

Hmm. Who killed the original Rave then? At least compilations that circulate old classics and rape them to pieces of shit music which is very poorly produced.
So if you wanna torture yourself you will surely get help from this crappy record: Rave Allstars: To All The Ravers (DJ Beat Records)

The cover does not look a rave cover at all. Where are the yellow smiley face or acid letters with neon magenta colors? Or some mind twisting graphics? At the cover are girls who look more like a pornstars from B-movie or prostitutes from Poland.

Why we have come to this then? Conclusion.
Perhaps it´s the easyness of producing not mentioning about technology price dropping down all the time. Even now it´s not that expensive to setup a home music studio that is also very tiny and does not took resources or space. When compared to so called old school producers it´s easier and faster to produce music without needing to have the space for musical instruments: synths, drumkits, sequencers etc. It´s all in your pc or mac and the cpu processing power takes care of the instruments/effects/mixing and outputting the sounds and all that.

I hope I don´t insult some mega super world dj by writing this or a fan of such. This is my personal view of things and nothing personal about these dj´s I write about. Only to reflect my opinions and musical taste. I don´t take any responsibility for this writing if it´s hateful or not so you super star dj´s lawyers if you want to sue my ass I say don´t bother.

I don´t have so great critical mind than this man. Henry Rollins a icon of punk rock generation. I think he has the sharpest and funniest critique about the self important DJs.
This must be the funniest critique I´ve ever seen:

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