Sunday, August 17, 2008

removed my music from

For those who don´t know yet. I removed all my songs from a finnish music community This is not a publicity trick to get attention for my projects. This is a total personal frustration for this music community where small circle of people are dancing around themselves.
For 2 years ago I mentioned about their tasteless image policy. There was a certain image which really made me angry: a cat and an electric drill near the cat. The image was not visible to front page. It could be seen when artist logged in and was on the settings page.

This year about month ago I mentioned about this tasteless animal image again

In etchic sense there are some rules how you can use the images in public communities. Or at least should be. In my sense an internet community is a public forum. In the public forum there is a improvement forum where people can post suggestiongs how the site can be improved. In my suggestion was "the image and an electric drill near the cat made me feel angry".
Not only the image itself but the image with the text.

In my humble opinion it´s only how people would react when the text is saying "adjusting is important" and this is in the same context with the cat/drill image.

The final reason I left was that they denied the problem and did not remove the image. They had an opportunity to do that.

On the forums I got a short burst of hate messages which were deleted by admins.
Fortunately there was a short reply from the image creator who agreed to take all
the hate from this image. And the image creator told that the image should be humoristic with the text. How? May I excuse?
And told a short excuse: There´s such imagery in Tom&Jerry etc. where animals gets beaten. Wait a moment?
This is a real photo not a Looney Tunes cartoon, right?
All right then you want to put some Looney Tunes humor into your silly photograph?

I was gone mad. :S

With the text this image gets a new and twisted meaning "Like someone is adjusting the cat with the drill".
However the picture was taken in a situation where a cat was only sniffing a drill which was nearby. It was not held by anyone.

I posted finnish animal rights organisation "Animalia" about the questionable imagery in .

Still some people insulted me when I tried to make a post about improving the image policy on their site. How narrow minded and nihilistic can a community get?
Personal insultings without punishments and vulgar behavior is just the way of forum policy? For my surprise not only the basic users on the forum but also moderator insulted me by saying "They may have lauched at Animalia".
Fucking low life moron I say!

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