Monday, September 01, 2008

How to create trance with video tutorials in youtube. Videos are so much better with creating music

There´s tutorials how to create trance but there are bad trance influences and there are good trance influences.

In my opinion this is trance: Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Prana, Hallucinogen and Younger Brother.
By the way check out the awesome album by Younger Brother:
"A Flock of Bleeps"
My favorite tracks are "Crumblenaut" with nice vocal twistings and other bit faster track "Magic Monkey Juice" with some awesome drum programming.

This is not trance: Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren. Only in my opinion.

Learn yourself!

There´s no magic book which is going to tell you the secrets in creating trance. Just learn by doing. I started myself with Reason 1.0.
Other good option is to get some video tutorials from youtube.
Those are far much better than some static book with screenshots.
And what is better the tutorials in youtube are free. Some music tutorial sites does have some teaser trailers of their tutorials which will show only some part of the technique. But I recommend video tutorials because you can follow the whole procedure on the screen and see what button/effect you must choose. No quessing and watching static screenshots and wondering how it should sound like. Yes there is no sound in eBook. I don´t know if they have managed to put a sound in PDF file, right?

So here´s some good Reason video tutorials (same crappy trance IMO):

Here´s a good site with lots of Reason 4 tutorials and tips.

Of course there´s some great books also. I have read this when I had 2.5 . Heartily recommended. Though this is quite much aimed for beginners:

edit 15.9. : mispelling and bad english

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