Friday, February 20, 2009

All Digital Beat tracks now full length at

At last yet another good thing for fans of Digital Beat at, full length tracks!.

I noticed that many artists have only preview and for me as a listener I felt it was quite annoying to hear only some 30 seconds of each track.

I decided to release my old albums as full length and still receive royalties from every each listen. So there´s no full track downloads but full length listenable tracks.
All fans who want to listen my music online it´s much more convenient to listen all tracks in full length and not just 30 sec previews and I have got nothing to lose for sharing my music because of the royalty program.
This is my all "luv" to you dear fans :)

I even put my new albums track Dark Sun as "full listen". This is a promotion version but it´s exactly the same version as in Dark Sun album.

I hope you find this enjoyable when staying online and now being able to listen my music at the same time. You can use the audioscrobbler to listen the radio
as well.

Dark Sun - full length track for listening at

Listen to Dark+Sun (original mix) full length track at

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