Sunday, November 22, 2009

Download codes are handy? Digital Beat - Dark Sun free promotion

Already downloaded Digital Beat - Dark Sun?
Feeling lucky?

go get yours here:

Redeemed the codes but what we still miss?

The is so technically superior that they want to give artists this neat system which is able to generate random download codes for their album downloads.
I didn´t found this very useful because I tried to post the codes into discussion
forums and then one by one check out which one was redeemed.
The system does track each code and gives out a redeemed list as a csv file which then can be downloaded into your (artists) computer.

Now after 2 days of sitting at the front of my pc I wondered why the hell they
just didn´t invent a technique that makes people to buy music. Of course because they should be geniuses in new web technology and social advertising?
On the bright side it gave me a lot of traffic for the website but also some bunch of negative comments of the code system and my music.
Why the hell they do that?
I want to direct all my frustration to the system. It´s not the peoples fault who only want to listen my music whether they like it or not. Still some people did not like to download music for free because it was that there was not any previews of music on the code redeeming page.

So my addendum for that page would be a preview clips of all the tracks. Not just a dull slot to enter the code which I also found a bit stupid. To download something music you cannot even preview on the same page!

We artists who make music also as a part time work are interested of getting paid a nickle for it. But anyway it´s a free service and there´s not monthly payment as in some music websites. :D

I could add whole album free for the sake it´s easier for people to get it for free
without entering any code.

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