Saturday, August 14, 2010

Most of DJ music is total crap - Beatport sucks

Inspired by this blog about Beatport

I personally think that most of the trend dance music is
total crap. Even if it is well produced and sounding good the
value of the music as a listenable music can be very bad.
Not only beatport is selling mass marketed bulk dance but
there´s some artists like Scooter who are proud to produce
euro rave which is really bad sounding commercial dance music.

Typically the mass marketed electronic dance music is
made for large ignorant masses of people who will categorize the
music as techno no matter what subgenre it really is. Electro, breakbeat, breaks,
drum and bass will be gategorised just all as dance or just techno.

Generally dance music had been always made and marketed with the popularity of artist and lead synths/hooks appearing. It should be appealing if it´s just for the big masses. Music TV made the first big change in artists popularity. Also some of the commercial artists noticed this and brought all kind of mediocre shit around.
Later in the millennium new online dance music stores made unknown artists better known to big masses of consumers and dj´s. The music has not to be good if it´s presented in either TV or some well known online music outlet. At the end a good musical taste can tell if it´s another beutifully wrapped shit track on a silver plate.

Back to Beatport it´s only raw numbers and money not really about good music. Beatport however seems to have some control of what amount the label has to sell in order to keep it on their store. 2 years ago in 2008 beatport even culled out some labels because they did not sold enough. Some underground music can be too different for a DJ and chart success?

How can any DJ music be good ever?

I have always preferred more original online stores like Psyshop with interesting and innovative artists such as Psycho Punk, DJ Tsuyoshi and some quite dark psytrance labels like Shaman Films. This music is perhaps not for everyone but at least it´s not for the ignorant consumer masses of music. Psytrance is the most innnovative and underground sounding music at the moment. I am not talking about Infected Mushroom because after becoming more popular their sound became more pop sounding. It´s not very innovative at the moment as some of many upcoming psytrance artists in the scene. But at least I.M. is popular and not any typical dance group.

Artists worth to mention in Psyshop

Psycho Punk


ITP (Spanish guitars meet Psytrance & Oriental music)

There´s some naturally amazing new talent also in myspace who actually give out their music for free. This duo which I personally found interesting is a psytrance duo from Israel that I already found in 2008 in myspace.
I hate when how some people prejudice everything by the politics and war in Israel. I have begun to dislike cold and cynical people even more because I know artists in Israel will hate the war and killing and still try to manage their music career and creativity in their unstable nation. People who are honest and with heart in their music should be all respected no matter what.

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