Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Laser Racer game music credits - Kimmo /Digital Beat

I was just googling just for fun to check if there´s any
games using my music. Funnily I happened to find out
that one game Super Laser Racer had 2 of my tracks
as race music (in game).

Video music: Dynamedion - Heavy Engineering

SLR in Youtube

Original album with my artist name Digital Beat is Dark Sun.
Track names are:
Digital Beat - Fusion Drive
Digital Beat - Ripple Wire

You can buy the album here
If you are a "poor loser" like me then you can get album for free. There´s few left. :-)
Follow this link

The tracks are royalty free music in Shockwave Sound with my
composer name Kimmo Rinta-Pollari.

Usually I don´t follow very much who uses my music and where because
it´s all handled by Shockwave Sound. Anyway I want to give big thanks
to game developers at New Star Games and Bjorn Lynne at Shockwave Sound.

I am also a game geek so I had to buy this game. It´s rather difficult with arrow keys
but I still have to try it with real gamepad.
So here´s the screenshots from the main menu to show the credits.
This is just for blatant self promotion and marketing.

Kimmo Rinta-Pollari - Fusion Drive
Fusion Drive: Kimmo Rinta-Pollari

Ripple Wire - Kimmo Rinta-Pollari (Digital Beat)

At the end I still want to add this link for a game review on the test freaks
site. Read review here

Game purchase page (I am not in co-operation with game company)

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