Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fighting against bad music and loudness wars

Maybe you have heard this term called
anti music? Well if you don´t have then
you should learn what it means.

Just face it that music nowadays has become
more or less listenable. In terms of
enjoying the music it has become too
loud because of too heavy compression.
This might not just be the problem with
producers but also with big labels
that have decided whose next cd release will sound
louder. The hotness in this case not understood
as a market term but as a sound engineering
term when the dynamic range is compressed to
death so that the dynamic variation in a music
track will be very little because every instrument is just
so damn loud. Even whispering voice should be compressed
and maximised to hear it through the music.

In digital production the decibel
range is quite wide that gives the
opportunity for producers to use it
or in most cases abuse it.

Just take a glance of this graphics
that says more than thousand words.

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