Sunday, December 18, 2011

Google Music. Only in USA ?

There was an article in Digital Audio Insider about the Google Music service. I had a test by logging into my google account through Google Music page. By logging in into my (finnish) account I will get a blunt message showing "We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States"

It´s nothing new to digital music fans that big search engine names will release a music service such as Google. For example there has been digital music from indie artists for many years through Yahoo. The music page itself will get internet search results from artists with similar name. How about "Balkan Beat Box - Digital Monkey" and "Digital Beat Machines"

Now what´s the catch with Google for independent and bedroom musicians. They will sell music for similar price to iTunes. Selling point might be important because many of independent musicians just make music as a part time hobby and hardly sell any music at all. This is because it´s not for the money but the creativity part. Anyway there was some interesting comparison chart with three of the well known (not propably most paying off ones). I will look forward to have this service in Europe and in Finland too.

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