Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artistic freedom or death?

There are some controversial artists that use fascism symbolism to piss out people. One of such "black art"(ists) or western (occult) musicians are Boyd Rice and Marilyn Manson.

In fact both have been dabbling with the Church of Satan in it´s best days in 90´s. I think the whole subculture and satanism as a religion in america was just a reactionary movement of that time against dominant and conservative christian values. This is like a teenage angst against parents on a smaller scale.

There are still people who will resist and try to censorship original art and music that is not mainstream. Personally I think artist should be able to express art from his point of view not what government or dominant religion of the state tells him to do. Art must always fight against political correctness.

This can be seen with young people who directly adapt the same values as their parents without rebeling at all. Latest western cultural trend is propably hipsters that are sunken into consumer culture and follow fashion trends and shopping but worship only superficial things like new iPads, fake glasses and new sneakers.

A true artist can never be in one dimension like a consumer (sheep) so perhaps he has to take influences from fascist and dictators spiced with popular culture. This is just what Marilyn Manson does. Sheep among Wolves but this time other way around.

There is a lot of disinformation about Goth subculture in the Internet. Original goth ideology has absolutely nothing to do with sinister criminal activity. There are original goth bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode which are the forefathers of this music genre.

Blatant subculture hate sites If you want to see another (conservative) view of fascism in subculture then you should check out Who Makes the Nazis blog . It has lot of sinister and even biased information about goth culture.

There´s also even much more worse christian goth hate websites such as God hates Goths where school massacres were incorrectly and blatantly pointed at Goth scene. There´s really something wrong in the country where religion is used as a weapon against common social problems of kids.

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