Monday, April 15, 2013

Soundcloud what is going on?

I just received a copyright case e-mail from Soundcloud claiming that my own music may have a copyright issue. It might be also that when I registered artistname Digital Beat was already reserved by someone and I am using digitalbeat666.

I will propably make a petition that someone from Mexico is using my original artistname and my own songs having a copyright issue. Some of songs are already released many years ago in iTunes. If the people at soundcloud would only have time to check my releases on my label page.

It´s not really an issue if they just delete my songs because I already pay for reverbnation song storage.

There was a petition where my issue about flagging original content was also mentioned. The original music content can be flagged too but I believe my case was just a mistake. Unfortunately I am not another naive guy who just makes music and does not understand anything about anything else. Big online outlets just want to eradicate original music from their site and monetize everything in the long run. Other issue is propably legal pressure in usa with ACTA and new copyright laws.

Of course artists want to have rights for their own art just like anybody else. I think these laws like ACTA has already been decided with close doors by only those that are in power with most money, lawmen and business linked with big labels such as Warner Music or major stockphoto and music outlets like Getty Images Music. Still I hope the real and original royalty music sites like Shockwave Sound will give more expertise and knowledge than any big outlets that just wants to rip artists and take most of the sync licencing money into their own pockets.

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