Thursday, June 13, 2013

Syna 101 free VST demo video in youtube - kind thanks to Uproar24

One synth I made with Synth Maker in Computer Music magazine. I made also backplate interface graphics and rendered with Cinema 4D. You can download VST instrument from my website: One vst music fan Uproar24 kindly made a demovideo for youtube of my VST instrument. Be sure to visit uproar24 channel for more videos of free VST instruments. There´s always more use to these than expensive Native Instruments. Please watch this video and share it to your electronically musical friends. Thanks ;-) ps: I am all around digital media guy with experience from making music, video editing to 3d models, vfx and cg animation and this is why I am propably called Digital Beat. My favorite thing just might be shader creation and texture baking.

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