Sunday, April 10, 2005

music promotion ideas online and offline

online mp3 promotion

I have put some lower bitrate mp3 tracks for promo download. Such
as 96kbps. It's near cassette tape quality and good for promotion use. People
are able to hear how the track sounds like but are not able to hear it in cd
quality. When you offer these promos make sure there's option to buy a hifi
quality track or cd album.
Other way is to offer some short clips of the original tracks. Personally
I don't like some artists offering only lofi previews. They are afraid
the hifi tracks being stolen?

Internet radio stations

There is many kind of internet stations. There are stations
that are actually only mp3 playlists that are uploaded online. Usually
OMD sites have these kind of stations run by the artists and moderators. Artists can
build playlist from their own tracks or support other artists by selecting
their tracks onto playlist.
Second kind of stations are commercial internet radio stations like Digitally
Imported . They play quality electronic music. Mostly they have pretty high standards and artists music has to be produced and recorded professionally.
On the otherside the genres are very restricted into few popular genres only.
The target group is clubbing people and urban people. You are not likely to get
very good music for listening on this radio. There's strictly only club music. This is only my opinion but after some listenings the station started to repeat itself.

Third kind of internet radio stations are illegal mp3 stations that play almost
everything they get. There's also stations which have a mixture of illegal and legal mp3 tracks. You are able to get your music played through these kind of stations
by searching them with google on the web "mp3 station, internet radio, hidden radio" or with IRC. For example you can have your music played by and hidden radio if you are a hobby musician or independent musician.
Make sure you also check out the newsgroups at google of internet radio stations.
Digital Beat Music has got some internet radio stations that are mp3 stations. Check out the stations here

independent record labels (online)

Atom Sounds

I have joined Atom Sounds Independent record label. It's an UK label and the label is actually a weblabel. Their site
is a good place to promote your work and they have a track of the week selection on their web radio station. I want every electronic music maker to try out this great promotion.

Nu Sense

Check out this cool independent label Nu Sense They have a newsletter promotion for new producers and djs.This label is run by DJ Minx. Very nice female DJ playing Hard Trance. She is also producing some great hardstyle techno and hard trance. Check out her vinyl promos on the website.

"promotional copy" not for sale

I have seen so many professional level
musicians offering these "promotional copy" albums not for sale. Still
some record shop or second hand store/flea market has been selling them
for ages?
You can send some promotional copies of your
album to commercial and local radio stations. Usually they will have
their own policy if they play your kind music or not. Make sure you
check out their stations profile before you send out anything. The genres
they are broadcasting and their target group etc. Otherwise
your cd only ends up in a thrash can.

promotion in your local library

Book library with music section is a goldmine for indie artist
to promote their works. Just ask to put your cd for their cd shelves. Usually
they do it for free. And your album/artist info is also recorded into their database as well.
I saw my cd last week on the top of the shelve on a stand!
They put the latest cds on the stand and it is all free promotion!

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