Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Digital Beat trance track: Fusion Drive

Fusion Drive (original mix)

Stream my new progressive/acid trance track at . This website (trancecreator) really kicks ass and I want personally support it by uploading some of my best tracks.
I have also lisenced this track to be used as production music. tv, multimedia, website, computer/video game producers, etc. are able to purchase this track for lisensing at . It cannot be used as vocal background, only as a backgroung music for the media purposes. However I am working on with the club mix for dj friendly use. I have got so much good critique from . It's the different perspective of other producers that gives you necessary information of "how the music should be created" or "arranged". For DJ use "dj friendly" a trance track should begin with beat or percussion only. This gives dj freedom to mix track seamlessly onto another. Funny thought: Fusion drive (original mix) may sound bit of a "sports goa trance" that you are about to hear on tv sports backgrounds.

The club version?

I may not instantly bring out the club version because it really should be polished and finished to perfection.

track details:

Digital Beat - Fusion Drive (original mix)
playing time: 4:44
genre: trance/acid/goa
bitrate: 192kbps

So what are you waiting for. Just go to my trancecreator page:


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