Wednesday, July 11, 2007

free 50mb mp3 hosting at

This is blatant self advertising but it´s not stupid to advertise totally free 50mb artist mp3 hosting. The hosting service and consept at Digital Beat Music is based on Jamroom artist page manager. It´s now running at version 2.69a but there´s already version 3 available. Perhaps sometime it´s time to do the upgrade but the current version has worked so good that it´s not necessary. Some addons like video option is available in new version as I can recall.

Please signup your free account here:

Please note:
All artist accounts which are not included with artist biography or not with any mp3 tracks uploaded within a month will be deleted.
There are some accounts which are registered and all empty. We want only real artists signing up to this service. So please help Digital Beat Music by giving some promotion and telling your music friends about this service. Of course listeners are welcome too.

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