Wednesday, July 11, 2007

new Recycle beginner tutorial at Digital Beat Music

This is a very short but basic tutorials for music producers who are new to Propellerheads Recycle program. Recycle is a program or actually it's a tool for slicing beat based samples or beats so to speak. In this tutorial I´m gonna show how to slice a beat with 1/4 time signature. I´m not gonna embed the video to the blog because I want you to visit at Digital Beat Music of course. Hopefully the speech is clear enough because I had some trouble with video recording software. Some video codecs record voice very badly. However the video itself gives also some info of how to do the sample slicing.

Here´s the link for Recycle beginner tutorial at digitalbeatmusic:

Please feel free to share the link at youtube too.

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digitalbeatmusic said...

Tutorial has been removed sorry.