Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sick Of Crap Music - listen to other kind of crap music then...

I am not dissing this other blogger. Only to show my own opinion about
the crap music issue. The writer proposes if you are tired of Nelly Furtado then
listen to something from a list one suggests.

Also the "Awesome artist" makes this hilarious because the music by
iiO sounds same crap as other mainstream artists.

Reading further the list an eastern name pops up "Mika Nakashima" with song
"Kumo No Ito". At least there was something good music in this list.
There was also her video in Youtube. I found out that Mika actually is a good singer.
By the way in Finland "Mika" is a boys name.

edit blog:

Not to forget this great French-Canadian artist Montag who mixes great bright sounding analog synth sounds with moody vocals. Somehow it reminds me of the band Air which has got also this minimalistic touch in their music.

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