Wednesday, November 28, 2007

cdbaby track fixes at iTunes coming sometimes...

I posted about the track duration issue via my cdbaby´s artist account. There´s option "report a problem" in Digital Distribution where you can post a problem if there is one. I believe the tracks "Manic Street Skills" and "Talking Transistors" had been ripped from the audio master cd inproperly by cdbaby. This is because I have listened the audio master before sending it to cdbaby.

Nevertheless I found myself blaming cdbaby and iTunes though I had sent cdbaby both cd and wav files. So after all it´s been a technical issue in cd audio ripping and this issue has got nothing to do with iTunes at all.

There´s been also a cut in communication because I first sent the audio cd to cdbaby and after one month they said they still haven´t got it. This made me feel that the master cd delivery has been lost by "us mail" and then decided to send them audio as wav files. Of course they must have had it but communication about arrival had not gone further since they are several people working at cdbaby.

What I have learned is that only good way to release a digital album is to send only 16bit wav files (44.1 kHz). Then there will be no technical issues in audio ripping or anything. Or perhaps receiver who has got slow Internet connection will suffer long downloading time but I think that will be a minor issue when compared that album is released with wrong length of tracks.

After all cdbaby is the best Digital Distribution I know. The issue was also handled in a professional manner.

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