Sunday, November 09, 2008

New album "Dark Sun" is coming soon

This is official and most complete information about
the forthcoming album yet.

The album graphics and the creative process

In the beginning of album art creation I made some background work for the album by googling articles and images about finnish Lapland.
At first I did not had enough inspiration for the album graphics. So
I used this background information to feed my brains
before doing any sketches. One can say that collecting information
is a small part of the whole creative process.

The graphics on the cover was inspired by the lapland
shaman imagery of the sun. If you have ever seen a shaman drum
from the Lapland then you may have seen these symbols of people, animals, nature

The symbolics are also based on the old finnish cosmology.

Then I combined the shaman imagery and the modern computer graphics but I let it be
as is without post producing it too much. This is because I wanted
it to be nineties trance cover style. My music "Dark Sun" is
not sounding like the mainstream trance of today. It´s more like
underground and personal vision of the genre combined with many electronic elements.
Music on the album is simply put:
not too much mainstream but artistic and creative style of trance
that is good to listen and dance.

The tracklist on the album:
1. Digital Beat - The Strider (original mix) 6:49
2. Digital Beat - Chemical Reaction 4:24
3. Digital Beat - Frontline Acidly 6:40
4. Digital Beat - Fusion Drive 4:44
5. Digital Beat - Air Magic 4:19
6. Digital Beat - Dark Sun 6:27
7. Digital Beat - Ripple Wire 4:41
8. Digital Beat - Arpeggiator I 5:00
9. Digital Beat - The Strider (breakbeat edit) 6:11
10. Digital Beat - Underground Industry II 6:02

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