Monday, December 22, 2008

5$ Xmas sale continues - Finnlux Tuna - Futurtablism & Digital Beat - Breathing at cdbaby

Crazy 5$ xmas sale continues. This time you can get Finnlux Tuna - Futurtablism and Digital Beat - Breathing albums for just 5$. In USA you can get a cup of coffee in Starbucks for that price.
It´s much more cheaper than drinking coffee outside.
All cdbaby mp3 downloads are non DRM.

Buy Finnlux Tuna - Futurtablism

Buy Digital Beat - Breathing

So you can get each of these albums only for just 5$ when you buy from
cdbaby. The offer available for limited time only. Same albums are at normal price in iTunes and other online digital music retails.
Alternatively you can buy mp3 downloads for the same price.

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