Monday, February 02, 2009

New album Dark Sun is out now!

Finally it´s out at iTunes. Digital Beat - Dark Sun.

Digital Beat - Dark Sun

Why I released thru reverbnation? Here´s some cold facts:

1. Released only on the digital music stores with most of traffic.

After iTunes it´s released on other major digital music stores like Rhapsody, Napster, emusic etc.

2. Artist keeps 100% of royalties

The reason was that I wanted to try their distro was purely that there was no middle man. In reverbnation´s DD all the royalties are paid out straight to artists without any percentage taken off.

As in their FAQ page:

How much do you make off my songs?

ReverbNation does not take any percentage of the royalties from your music

3. It´s cheaper to release at Reverbnation than in cdbaby. Not forced to buy an UPC code that is originally needed only for CD releases.

Reverbnation: $34.95
Cdbaby: $55.00

4. Web 2.0 style website with lots of interaction for fans and great promotion tools like Artist signup scripts, embedded players, banners etc.
None of that stuff at cdbaby. I might say cdbaby is a dinosaur of digital distribution? There´s not even a simple RSS feed on album pages? No preview mp3 embedding? No traffic to album pages?

There was one request about rss feed inclusion at cdbaby in 2007 but nothing has still happened.

5. No traffic. No charts

At cdbaby there´s no traffic for a bedroom electronic producer like me. I am not Venetian Snares you see?

It´s kinda sad to see the traffic for different albums because I also bought some banners to get traffic from other sites. And tried to promote with links.
Still my first album has only 7227 hits after it´s release in 2003 june.
So in 5 years I got bit over 7000 hits and most hits from where I bought
banner advertising. Hits from ishkur are 137 and most of traffic is between 1-4 hits per link/site.

At reverbnation after 2 years I have 27162 hits. This is because I have this cool widget that I can embed on various sites and blogs whatever.

You can see the difference? It´s awesome at reverbnation. :)

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