Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jean Michel Jarre in Helsinki

Saturday I saw Jean Michel Jarre live in Helsinki.
This was also the first time I saw and listened his music live. He´s not playing alone and has got many people which makes the band. One playing drums, other musician on second synth and also some noises/effects.
Jarre indoor gick was a real enjoyment both sonically and visually. The sound system was said to be new and all the frequencies were clear and perfect. Even the lowest basses we´re rumbling nicely in a big Hartwall arena in Helsinki.
Our seats were quite nice and on the bottom floor just in the tenth row.
Jarre has been always a real musician but also a great person who takes the audience.
This was instantly seen in his performance. He tend not to be some superstar (he is but) he seems both cheerful and humble man than obnoxious and uptight person.
I feel this makes him stand out from rest of the electronic artists.

All the evergreen songs like Oxygene and rest were in the program. But the trademark instrument that is really great looking on stage was the laser harp. It must be over 500 mW strong special laser. Jarre had these special goggles and gloves when he played it. The stage lights and lasers were also programmed to accompany the music and were visually very nice apart from some light spots that we´re pointing onto the audience. But only for a very short time. Also the laser harp "didn´t work" on second play but I think that looked like a practical joke that Jarre invented to entertain the audience. He started to play and there was no sound at first then after short break he came back and the laser harp worked just perfectly.

Some live pictures from the Indoors Tour 2009.

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