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Why modern rock sucks and old bands rule?

I am oldschool headbanger and metal fan. I also like some good rock bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Queen who make great music. Well Nirvana died along Curt but their music still lives. Ex Nirvana member (drummer) later formed Foo Fighter btw.

Foo fighter is also a great rock band with more energetic and hard edged sound than the usual mass produced bands out there.

Now there´s some brightheaded wannabe rockstars like Nickelback and let´s take for example a similar sounding so called "christian" band Creed.
What you get is well recorded quitars but when you start to listen to the vocals they are nasal and thin. In common these bands sound overproduced crap for the masses that don´t know shit about real rock music. It´s not rock it´s easy listening pop crap.
More about Creed in Urban Dictionary (for noobs): define Creed
Why don´t just listen to Metallica or AC/DC if you want to go for a real rock concert?

I have seen and listened both Metallica and Megadeth live in Helsinki. They rule and are real metal bands and real artists with their original sound without any label dictated compromises. Originally Metallica was released by their first label Megaforce records. Later or let´s say quite early 80´s they got deal with Elektra records.
If you are a noob and don´t know nothing about Metallica then I suggest you to listen the record Master of Puppets and from album And Justice for all... the song "One". The song "One" is a story about an injured soldier who has lost all his arms and legs in war and trapped alive in his body.

Megadeth lyrics are more anti political and usually against war. Dave Mustaine is perhaps bit more like an introverted person and perhaps a bit more too self confident for his own good. He should take more audience for ones account. For my liking Metallica is better to take audience and therefore that´s the reason why they are more successfull than Megadeth. Megadeth is quite much more talented in quitar solos than Metallica but their music is more like oldschool trash metal than Metallica has got some classical melodies embedded in their songs when Megadeth have got their speed solos with insane finger technique.
Kirk Hammet the guitarist of Metallica is a huge fan of classical music and that´s why the melodies do have so clear classical music impact.
In conclusion Megadeth is more technical band than Metallica which is more like riff based, thematic and melodic.

When I look back in early nineties there´s many bands I have listened. Also some more hardcore and grindcore metal. As a teenager I was a real die hard metal music freak who listened all good music that was available.
Some great Death Metal bands of all time is Deicide. It´s a satanic death metal from Florida, USA. For true I have only listened their first album "Deicide" when it came.
One time I have listened King Diamond but got tired of his high pitched falsetto voice. You can call this also satanic metal but I just call it Horror Metal because of horror like stories their music has. I think their image may look bit satanic but for me it´s more like a joke. Come on Kiss had their masks too?
I had these three albums but I must have sold them to my friend. Here´s couple of covers from the web.

Here´s some link for further interest:

Anthrax was one of the favorite new wave nu metal bands that really got my attention.
This is the one of the first bands that really invented the nu metal of today.
If you don´t know anything about this band you are either listening some of those mainstream bands, you don´t know really shit about metal or have no fucking tiniest interest about real oldschool numetal thrash!

I had the album "Persistence of Time" and several tape recorded albums from my friends. :D sue me RIAA

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