Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celldweller - Wish Upon A Blackstar Chapter 02 - "audiowise review"

I have produced music myself over 18 years and listened even more. Nowadays and every year it seems that producers just want to make everything sound louder and louder. And what is even worse, loud all or most of the time. In my opinion Klayton has got some great talent as a producer but that´s not the issue here.
The problem really is that in the album Wish Upon a Blackstar chapter 02 the
guitars are compressed into full all the time. It´s very painful to listen that kind of guitar riffs.
Guitar struts and riffs with proper dynamics would sound so much better.
I must say I am not an audio purist at all but I just like well mixed and produced music. Not compressed to death.

For example: Klayton producing style is bit like with Metallicas latest album "Death Magnetic" and fans and audio engineers have told the Guitar Hero version was much more listenable because it was almost 10dB quieter than the album version.
Read an article by Ian Shepherd here:

You don´t have to impress listener all the time like in some big movie soundtrack or in tv commercial where the audio is often compressed heavily to "wow the listener".
Please bring back the dynamics into music and save my and other peoples hearing ability.

Other than that the first chapter was really enjoyable but the second chapter is disappointing because there´s no music which can be listened to through the loudness.
Despite of the title "Louder than Words" has got much better mix with the guitars and overall production is very much better thought and laid out.
If the same trend continues I will not waste my money on this loudness garbage. Louder is better but too loud is bad. :shock:

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