Monday, December 21, 2009

Tenori-on - an interesting interactive electronic music device

in picture: designer of the Tenori-On, Toshio Iwai

I found this interesting electronic music device from a "if its hip it´s here" design blog.
You might have seen those ableton touch pads but this is much more advanced.
Tenori-On is made by Yamaha. It and has 16 control layers and you are able to create different cool light patterns onto it´s light matrix by pushing and activating led input buttons on the fly. The light matrix is 16x16 with is for both user input control and interactive light show with different modes.
There´s 6 different modes. The first might be familiar for those who have used some software studio sequencer of hardware sequencer. It´s the score mode where
user can enter notes in realtime and it is looping around. Just like in fruity loops but this is hardware. Ok let´s forget about fruity loops because this is a real electronic music instrument.

Read more about features with example videos:

Jim O'Rourke video

There´s a SD memory card slot which can be used in same way as in common digital cameras and PSP etc. digital electronic devices to exchange data. You can load up your own samples from your computer into a memory card.
Still this device with cool design costs around 1200 $ so it´s not friendly for a wallet but I think it´s not just any music device from your local music instruments store.

Interesting combination with live playing cello and Tenori - On by the band called The Books. This band uses device in live performance. I like their style of acoustic contemporary electronic music with traditional instruments.

Listen and view their live performance here:

"The books" video


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