Saturday, February 05, 2011

Great psytrance from Russia - Dissociactive

album name: Total Transformation
by Dissociactive

Check out this great sounding psytrance album Total Transformation by Dissociactive.
Artist name is Vyacheslav Iskanyan.

This is a genuinely fresh air for psychedelic trance genre. I have to mention that I am not a very intense follower of any specific genre it´s only that I happened to listen a shoutcast channel on one spanish rave community today in Ning. Of course I rarely even listen to shoutcast. Anyway this really picked my interest right in the beginning.
Just like the cover art makes very clear this is a pure musical piece of art by a sonic wizard.

Unfortunately what is missing from the current psytrance music is a good and interesting groove. This is not just simple to create with common monotonic psytrance bass but with a good combination of different rhythmic percussive sounds. Also with textured arpeggiated synth sequences. This is hard to describe if you have not listened Total Transformation. Some songs are much more organic than others. For example Bioreaction has got some really interesting stuff and the bassline is varied nicely. There´s good headspace with ambient pads on the background.
The whole album is perhaps more close to oldschool goa trance than most recent psytrance albums.

You are also given the opportunity to listen the album for free online in Bandcamp page. Anyway it´s not very expensive if you buy a download for only 3 euros for the full album download or just 7 euros for the download and album. The shipping was just 3 euros worldwide. It´s digipack limited edition only of 500.
I heartily recommend for you to buy the album not just listen online. :-)

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