Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Reverbnation Fair Share - pennies coming in from ads - Get real

There´s a little advertising program in Reverbnation
called Fair Share. It gives artist some money
depending of the traffic from placed ads.
Some artists including me are curious if it generates
any money or not. Well it does but very little.
However it´s free to join and you get free pennies
from your work. Still some artists out there like
to think that it would be possible to make living by
generating income from this kind of ad traffic programs
are naive.

With my statistics it´s giving only some pennies
when some artists have been claiming that of it giving out
some dollars between 5 to 10 dollars a month.
I still cannot believe because I have not seen their
statistics. However I have received some pennies
per month and have been artist since 2008.
During that time I´ve almost received
41 FairShare Payments of total $5.57.

Get real and manage your business yourself and stop living in
your daily pipedreams.
Any bands should know they should have
a good management agency to book more gicks. The artist
can also be just another bedroom musician.
This kind of artist really should be making
some intro and background music for games, television and
broadcast and get royalties this way.
Nowadays it´s not really easy to make living with legal downloads.
Most listeners usually only want to listen music for free or with low payment when streaming online music. Ads and ad programs will never pay your online music.
However you have to pay for music storage if you want to upload
more music.
On the positive side youtube and social networks like myspace music, soundcloud, and bandcamp are now making some lesser known artists more visible in the Internet. Also Spotify is a free and legal music application which has been available for a good amount of time. Spotify will generate some low amount of royalties but for me it´s generating plays all the time.

It´s not the money in the Internet it´s the artist visibility in various platforms.
It´s also possible to sync between reverbnation and other third party websites such as myspace.

Lesson learned: Forget about the ad programs and get out of your room into the reality!

For visibility´s sake please visit my pages and stream my music and share
with your friends. Thank for your time and goodspeed! :-)

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