Sunday, February 08, 2009

Warning - is a big scam !

Some independent musicians may know this music site
that sells promotion packs to get exposure.
I have tried this site for two of my projects. For Digital Beat and Finnlux Tuna.

I sent a threatening comment for last week in a style "Your site is a scam". Short time after that my page was deleted. Can you see the problem? No artist page no evidence.
Also other things that I noticed:
- The forum is removed from the site.
- If you don´t pay artist page your plays stays zero

At the time I paid for example for Finnlux Tuna there was many plays on the artist page. I cannot be fooled because I have seen several mp3 sites since days and there are always even some plays on artist stats. It´s very rare that artist has got zero daily plays on long period of time.
I have a strong doubt that they drive some bots or other traffic on artist page when the payment is on the file and then if you don´t pay then no daily plays on artist stats. You can see the difference?

How it works?
There is a mailing list signup option on artist page where fans can signup and get
e-mail from artist. For example about new music and album releases.

I got several hundreds of mailing list signups. There´s about 700 e-mail addresses on a single artist mailing list. Sounds good? Are you still convinced that these are real fans? When I paid for artist account I sent e-mails for these "fans" and got some very brief answers that were like "Keep doing your thang". "Cool Stuff"
But album sales still almost zero. Wonder why?

Subject: Finnlux Tuna mailing list check
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 12:10:27 +0200

This is a real e-mail sent from my Finnlux Tuna e-mail account with header with sending date and time.

Subject: Finnlux Tuna mailing list check
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 12:10:27 +0200


Can you reply "yes keep me in mailing list" to
ensure you are a human not a bot.
I am also very suspicious about
because my album sales are very low
even with hundreds of fans and positive


Finnlux Tuna

My artist page is here with zero daily plays:

After I have sent several hundreds of e-mails I got this:

Still today after 5 days of sending I have not single reply for my e-mail I sent on 3rd of february. This is fishy and very weird.

I have to try to send a second e-mailing and see the result. Still if I don´t get any replies then this is really a scam.

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Unknown said...

My Finnlux Tuna artist page was deleted.

I was refunded for Digital Beat page deletion after I told them and was threatening with court and lawsuit.