Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Documentary about sampling

Sampling is a creative way of stealing and recording sounds and transforming them into something completely different. There is a hybrid style of music production with real and computer generated sounds or all with samples from analog source such as vinyl to digital without any computer generated instruments included. However it is more like a golden rule of a sample alchemist to use both analog and digital sources and mix them into new music loops. Hip Hop producers all time favorite must be Akai MPC series.
There is same kind of stuff everywhere in creative industry no matter what area be it movies, media or fashion.
Most blatant sampling in pop art was those soap cans by Andy Warhol. So boring subject could be transformed into something more colorful and eye catching.
In music sampling started to popularise as a technique during 80´s when you had access to more processing power with 16bit computers such as Atari Stfm 1024 or Commodore Amiga.

There are also few terms in sampling such as:
- sampling: to record a digital sound - usually from a vinyl record
- loop: piece of sing sound that can continuously copied repeated again
- microsampling: to sample a very very short duration of sound or noise that it becomes very unclear that where hell it has been originally taken from.
 - Cut: is a very short piece of sound from a longer part of drum rhythm or another percussive beat.
See also Cold Cut

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