Friday, November 23, 2007

My music files on Breathing album screwed at iTunes?

One day after album release at iTunes
I noticed something weird in my iTunes tracks in iTunes Store.
My first reaction was that I did not recall myself making any new tunes under 3 minutes for the new album.

Second reaction was a sleepless night as I realised something has gone wrong.

Then I deciced to take some action first thing on the next morning so
I mailed both cdbaby and iTunes Store support about the
track length issue.

For all people who likes my music and is about to buy:
Please don´t buy my tracks Manic Street Skills and
Talking Transistors before iTunes or Cdbaby Digital Distribution
has solved this issue.
This may be either a mistyped track length issue or if worse then
the tracks audio might be cut off for some reason in encoding/
data transfer progress etc.

The real reason will be hopefully solved and my tracks will be fixed
with right lengths.

Here´s original playlist in my Winamp with 16bit master audio files which were used
in Digital Distribution. Here you can also see the original song lengths.

Here´s a screenshot of the tracklist with wrong length of tracks in iTunes

My tight e-mail letter to iTunes Store support:


iTunes store has released my album and two tracks has been
cut off from the full length. The following music tracks
are distributed to you by Digital Distribution.

This is critical because I don´t want anyone to buy amputated
music files!

Here are the album details at iTunes Store:

album name: Digital Beat - Breathing

itunes url:


Manic Street Skills - duration 2:49

should be 3:42 !

Talking Transistors - duration 2:41

should be 4:23

Just can you tell me if you are going to fix this ASAP!!!

best regards

Kimmo/Digital Beat

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