Thursday, November 22, 2007

new album "Breathing" by Digital Beat now released at iTunes

New album now at iTunes!

New Digital Beat album "Breathing" is now (at last) released at iTunes.

Electronic album with acid breaks and drum and bass. Title track was recorded from human voice and mixed into futuristic breaks style track. This album is available only in Digital Distribution. No physical CD is for sale.

I am really excited how people will react to my new album. This is just because this is bit different style of music what I have released before. It´s more like breakbeat oriented and not very much club/mainstream style. I think that can be also good to develop music artistically rather than making very club sounding music.

In my opinion most of commercial music is rather crappy that is "club". So I decided to make something that is also listenable than trendy club stuff that I don´t personally like that much.

But of course this music will surely have got some trance/club elements but I would not intentionally following any mainstream styles.

If you want to buy my album as mp3 files there´s a new mp3 store on each cdbaby artist page. Visit here and click on "add mp3 to cart" :

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